McDermed Supports Effort to Expand Equal Pay Guarantees in Illinois

State Representative McDermed co-sponsored and recently spoke out on the floor in support of HB 2462, a bill to ensure equal pay for men and women by prohibiting the screening of job applicants based on their salary history and requiring employers to justify gender pay disparity using legitimate business reasons. You can listen to her floor speech below:

From Illinois News Network:

Republican Margo McDermed, R-Frankfort, says her professional career would have been very different under this proposed law.

"I think about, with great regret, how much more I would have retired with if we'd had some of the protections that [Rep. Moeller] is fighting for here today," McDermed said.

The bill also prohibits employers from inquiring about wage history and creates sizable legal penalties for doing so. 

From AMNY:

If employers can’t ask you what you made the last time around, goes the argument, they’ll have to base their hiring decisions more on quality of the applicant than the easy glance to the right of the dollar sign — relying on a figure, in other words, that may unfairly undervalue a woman due to past history.

....It made it through the Illinois House, where Republican Rep. Margo McDermed voted for it, noting her personal experience as an attorney for an energy company.

House Bill 2462 passed the House on a 92-24 vote. It is currently in the Senate where it is expected to pass. 

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