State Representative Margo McDermed hosted a property tax seminar last night with Frankfort Township Assessor Joseph Kral. The event brought in over 50 residents from across the district. 

Frankfort, IL...Illinois has the second highest property taxes in the country. Recognizing that a better understanding of the tax assessment process and the rights of homeowners can help save families their hard earned money, State Representative Margo McDermed will be hosting a property tax seminar on Wednesday, March 23rd at 6pm. The event will be co-sponsored by Frankfort Assessor Joseph Kral and will be held at 11000 W Lincoln Highway in the Frankfort Township Community Room. It is open to all residents of the 37th district and will have information on both Will and Cook Counties. 

Food and refreshments will be provided. Don't miss out on this informative opportunity. To RSVP, which is recommended but not necessary for attendance, call (815) 277-2079.
State Representative McDermed nominated Gary Cheney, the founder of New Lenox ShareFest, for the Joliet Junior College's J.D. Ross Extraordinary Service Award.The Extraordinary Service Award is the highest honor bestowed on an individual by the college; it was developed by the Board of Trustees to honor residents who have given outstanding service to Community College District 525. The award is named for former President J. D. Ross.

Representative McDermed was present when the Board of Trustees honored two District 525 residents and Joliet Junior College alumni, Gary Cheney and Deborah Smith, with the award at its March 8 meeting.

State Representative Margo McDermed visited Moraine Valley Community College in Palos Hills on Tuesday. She was invited to speak with a macroeconomics class on public spending and public choice. Rep. McDermed used Illinois as a very clear case study. 

"The students were very engaged and asked great questions," said Rep. McDermed. "It was an honor to be asked to come in today."

CPS School Board Proposal Passes House
         Since the 1995 School Reform Act, members of the current 7 member Chicago Public School Board have served at the appointment of the mayor. That Act also removed a property tax line item allowing the city to take a pension holiday for 10 years. The CPS system is currently under excessive financial strain. Since 2000, CPS has doubled its debt and the funding level of the pension system has fallen from over 90% to around 30%. House Bill 557 creates a 20 member elected school board plus a president elected at large, beginning in 2018. The 20 districts will be created through the same process that the legislature uses to draw its own maps. The current board and the mayor are opposed to any changes being made while in the midst of negotiations with the Chicago Teachers Association, which supports the bill. Republicans offered several suggestions to improve the bill, half of which were put in to a new amendment by the sponsor (50% - hows that for compromise!).
Illinois House Republicans, furious about the lack of a state budget and seemingly empty session calendar thus far this year, challenged House Democrat leadership today to not adjourn as scheduled for the entire month of March.

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Springfield, IL...State Representative Margo McDermed (R-Mokena) released the statement below following today’s spending votes:

"Today we were asked to vote on a so called “compromise” funding effort from Speaker Madigan which wasn’t announced until the night before. I opposed these bills because they appropriated almost $3 billion dollars while irresponsibly claiming it would fund them by not repaying $454 million borrowed from special State funds last year. I can’t support math like that. Further, the two bills never went through an appropriation committee and it’s not a ‘compromise effort’ unless the two parties are at the table together. The process by which we were asked to consider this gargantuan spending proposal and the rebuttal of Republican efforts to continue the session on Friday in the hopes of coming to a resolution proved that this was more about grandstanding on behalf of the Democrats rather than a real effort or solution on their part."

The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation has announced that it will be implementing paperless licensing and renewals for the professions licensed and regulated by the divisions of Real Estate and Professional  
Regulation. Licenses will now be able to be renewed quickly and easily online instead. Going paperless is part of the Department's efforts to modernize and is expected to save $3 million dollars over the next 5 years. 

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