“The Governor’s message today was clear: our state finances are in crisis, and we will need to work together now on the difficult decisions needed to turn it around,” said State Representative Margo McDermed (R-Mokena).

“It’s clear Governor Rauner recognizes that like our families, our state must live within its means, and he has given us an honest assessment and a starting point for negotiation. As I review the details in the coming weeks, I am looking forward to discussing them with my constituents and getting their input. I’m optimistic that this spring we will finally begin to get Illinois back on track.”
“Today we heard the first truly frank assessment of our state finances from a Governor in more than a
decade,  and that’s exactly what we need to begin working on solutions this spring,” said State Representative Margo McDermed (R-Mokena).

“Governor Rauner has set the right priorities: creating good jobs, providing families with property tax relief and prioritizing education spending. I’m looking forward to hearing more detail in his budget address in two weeks.”
State Representative Margo McDermed has secured a coveted position on the Illinois House State Government Administration Committee for the 99th General Assembly. The Committee is generally charged with reviewing any legislation that impacts State Government as a whole or its operations, and McDermed, a freshman legislator from Mokena, said her new role on the committee will provide her and residents in the 37th district a place at the table as important legislation is considered this spring to change the way Illinois operates.

“We have a new administration in place in Springfield that will be working to change the way our state government operates – to make it more efficient and transparent – and the State Government Administration Committee is where a lot of these changes may start.  I’m very pleased that my district will have a seat at the table,” Representative McDermed said. “I have more than 30 years of experience in corporate law that involved writing contracts, negotiating and making sure the law was followed to the letter, so I know I’m prepared to hit the ground running.”

Representative McDermed will also be bringing her experience as a Will County Board Member, a Township Trustee and Township Clerk to her new position on the House Counties and Townships Committee. “Having served now at three levels of Government, I believe I will have a lot to contribute to this Committee,” McDermed said. “Government at all levels needs to be accessible and accountable to taxpayers it serves. That was my focus serving at the County and Township levels, and it will continue to be my focus on the House Counties and Townships Committee,” McDermed said.

Representative McDermed’s assignments for the 99th  General Assembly includes other committees where key topics will be discussed this spring including the House Environment Committee, the House Health Care Licenses Committee, and also the House Juvenile Justice and System-Involved Youth Committee and House Special Committee on Intermodal Infrastructure; both newly created committees this spring.

“These assignments cover a wide range of issues important to families in our district. They’re a very good fit,” Representative McDermed concluded.